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About Peak Mark Immigration

Leading Immigration Consulting Firm

Peak Mark Immigration Consulting Inc. is led by Saurabh Dhawan, a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R707945) with years of experience in Canadian immigration to assist people in moving to Canada to start a new life through various immigration programmes provided by Federal and Provincial governments. His expertise includes all elements of Canadian immigration and citizenship, such as Study Visas, Visitor Visas, Family Sponsorships, and Permanent Residency via Express Entry, Atlantic Immigration program, Provincial Nominee program and Citizenship applications.

PeakMark Immigration consulting Inc. is exclusive to Canadian Immigration matters and is mainly focused on providing best and authorized advice to individuals across the world to live, work or study in Canada. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team members treat clients with utmost care and responsibility. We always strive to provide round the clock service to assist our global customers in different time zones.
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Saurabh Dhawan

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Immigration is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We comprehend the full immigration process for temporary and permanent visa applications because of our many years of experience. We provide fast, efficient, convenient and transparent services

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Provincial Nominee Program

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

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Business Immigration

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